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victorian toys to make

  • a person who lived during the reign of Victoria

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Inez Clarke (1873-1880)

Inez Clarke (1873-1880)

Located in Chicago's historic Graceland Cemetery is the grave of Inez Clarke (1873-1880) who died at the age of six. Her parents commissioned a life-sized statue, which was completed a year later by a Sicilian sculptor, and placed over the headstone. Later, a transparent plexiglass box was added to protect the likeness from the elements.

According to local legend, a night watchman, making his rounds during a storm, came across Inez's grave and saw that the box was empty. He fled, never to return. The next morning, the statue of the little girl was back in its usual place. Others have claimed to have briefly glimpsed a small child in 19th-century dress wandering through the cemetery.

Inez's grave remains popular today, perhaps due to the high quality of the likeness. The nearly 130 year old image remains in nearly perfect condition thanks to its protection from the elements. Gifts of flowers and toys can often be found at the base of the glass box.

Cold Genius Workbook 2

Cold Genius Workbook 2

This piece has been in my head for absolutely months. I've been obsessively listening to the "Song of Cold Genius" by Henry Purcell and trying to work out how to make a piece of jewellery based on it. The one constant in my thoughts has been that the "Cold Genius" looks like William Blake's Urizen.

The piece coalesced about three weeks or so back when I was talking to my friend Jeff Zimmer, who is currently making glass sculptures based on toy theatres: at that point I realised that the piece, being operatic, has to be a tiny theatre.

victorian toys to make

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