Bath toys for 1 year olds : John deere antique toys.

Bath Toys For 1 Year Olds

bath toys for 1 year olds

    1 year
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Pino-chan got tagged ^^

Pino-chan got tagged ^^

thanks to the lovely danielle,this is his first tag hehe....oh and he made it to EXPLORE twice yayy!!

Some 20 things about me that you ought to know eh?

1.I am the youngest of two siblings,my older sister is bigger than I am,i miss her,she taught me how to be naughty,i hope she finds a good home as i have *sniff sniff*

2.My papers came to my mommy last week,she read them out to me..she said my mother's name was Alice,she is from father's name is Prince and he is from America.

3.The first week i was at the enchanted's home i was SO homesick,i cried often,i was so lonely for my playmates at the breeders home,there were 17 of us,we had such great games together.

4.I know my mommy wasn't sure when she picked me up,cause i kept on barking at her..her eyes were moist when she saw me,so maybe i thought i will give her a try..

5.When i first arrived at the enchanted's house,i was nervous,i threw up on them..i didn't know where I was and there was Nobody here but the silly i decided to play by myself.

6.I love my mommy and daddy so much now..i hate it when she is even gone to do the groceries,an hour seems like a year to me.

7.Yes,i love my mommy soooooooo much.

8.I think i am the most spoiled puppy on the block,i have 20 different toys now,but two were already destroyed by accident...oooops did i say by accident ??

9.Mommy and Daddy tells me stories about Sasha and Hiccup..gosh!!! i wish they were here sometimes..i would have loved to play with them,it gets kinda lonely when nobody understands poodle language.


11.I hate grooming day,or bath time yhuck.

12.I love my momm'ys flickr friends,i read all the comments too you know heheheh...

13.I hope with our next move it will make my mommy and daddy happier..they keep on counting the days on the calender..they say that we might move to a place that has so much snow..i still don't know what snow is.

14.My favourite place to sleep is next to mommy's feet when she watches teve..she says i am not allowed on the couch yet,cause i would bite at the uphostery and chew on the cushions.

15.Why are all my photos blurry ?? *rolls eyes*

16.My favourite dog food is from Germany.

17.I like looking at myself in the mirror,i am quite a handsome little dude.

18.I still have to be potty trained correctly,yes it is a bit embarrasing for me.

19.I wish they show Sesame Street here,my mommy is crazy about that show,she is planning to get a DVD box set.

20.One day i will have a poodle sister and i have plans on teaching her my naughtiness too!

Thank you for reading :o)

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Colorway: Blood Bath
Price: $85.00
SDCC will finally witness the debut of Cannibal Fuckface! Born of flesh colored vinyl, intricate paint sprays, and bathed in blood. Includes special ???.
Pure soft vinyl violence.

CF Stands approx. 7.5" tall with four points of articulation. CF was created by artist Johnny Ryan and sculpted by Monster 5. Produced by Monster Worship. Sofubi vinyl toy, made in Japan. Not intended for children under 14 years old.

SALE LOCATION: FRIDAY July 22 5pm - 7pm MW sales at sdcc are limited to the one and only date & timeslot specified above! Limit 1 figure per design per customer. Leftovers will be available online on Tuesday July 26, 2011 6pm est.

I will be giving away some shirts and whatever else can be finished and fit in the box by Tuesday night 7/19.

bath toys for 1 year olds

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bath toys for 1 year olds

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