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Best Toys For 2 Month Old

best toys for 2 month old

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Caesar 2 months old... his second day with us...

Caesar 2 months old... his second day with us...

First we forget about all those fancy toys (the yellow and red ones lying around)... The best toys are a piece of leather that has been stolen from my dad's collection of 'very useful things that should never be thrown away' and a poly-pack stolen from my mom in the kitchen - this is the crunchy trophy! :)

We were very much afarid that he will get a cold and that he might damage himself against the metal parts of the table... so we tried to put a mat underneath him and this is a very rare occasion that he is lying on it :)

Our first dog - Phil, a red setter, got used to his new home only after a week... He cried in his sleep when we pit him into his sleeping place and my husband had to take him into his hands and slept like that for a week)))
But Caesar proved his second name given to him by my mom - this guy was 'hard as a rock' - he slept allhis first night through and investigated the surroundings after he woke up at 5 in the morning)))

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first steps!

first steps!

Day 153-- Annika took her first solo steps today!

She's ten months old (the same age her sister was when she starting walking), and she's been walking around holding our hands or pushing toys/boxes/strollers around, so we knew it would be soon. Today was the big day.

(I'm sorry for the super-low quality. This is a still from a video. It was the best I could do. See yesterday's photo for an explanation of why I don't feel bad about that.)

Her daddy helped her get her balance, then dangled a toy in front of her. She could take a few steps (2-4) before falling as long as she was looking up at the toy and not thinking about it. It was like Peter walking on water. :o)

best toys for 2 month old

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